The Top Places to Buy Vintage Fashion in Paris According to French Girls

Anyone who has ever shopped vintage knows it’s not an easy experience. It’s actually quite painful. Even the moment after you first step foot into a thrift or secondhand store (when you’re hit with the daunting task ahead of having to sift through racks upon racks of clothing) can be so overwhelming, it’s enough to paralyze the most seasoned shopper.

And yet, unearthing that one-of-a-kind gem and walking away with a hard-earned prize makes it all worth it in the end. It helps, though, when the store is already brimming with coveted fashion relics from decades past. Factor in geographical location, like Paris, aka home to the oldest ateliers in fashion, and the chances of striking sartorial gold becomes that much greater. That’s why we asked the chicest French girls we know—the ones who can always be trusted to know what’s up—to name their favorite places to shop for vintage in Paris. May the odds be ever in your favor.

La Mode Vintage, 12 Rue Rochebrune


“My absolute favorite is La Mode Vintage: It’s a beautiful vintage store curated carefully by my friend Carole, who really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion and what she choses for her store. There are lots of high-end, rare finds. I rarely leave the store empty-handed, and I’m there at least once a week! I’m a vintage collector, so I kind of always have an idea of what I’m looking for, but I also like surprises. I bought a lot of beautiful vintage Saint Laurent from the Ballets Russes period, and I also got two wonderful vintage Chanel jackets that I absolutely adore.” —Sabina Socol, influencer


Article entier sur CR FashionBook



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